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Wikoff Combs & Co., LLC was started in 1976 by the founder, Joseph L. Wikoff, who retired in 2012. We have been providing our professional services to the Hawaii business community for over 45 years.

We provide a full-range of services for individuals, businesses, retirement plans and non-profit organizations.

Clients we serve:

  • medical professionals
  • non profit organizations
  • private schools
  • employee benefit plans
  • retail and wholesale
  • professional service firms
  • real estate and legal professionals
  • retail and wholesale businesses

Tax Services

Our tax services include tax planning and reporting for individuals, businesses, trusts, and nonprofit organizations. We work with clients to assess the appropriate tax reporting entity for their business and analyze their financial circumstances from a tax perspective to develop a plan that minimizes the related tax implications. Our tax professionals also are available to resolve Internal Revenue Service and State of Hawaii audit issues, tax notices, and general excise tax and other tax issues unique to Hawaii.

Accounting Services

We provide bookkeeping and financial reporting services to a wide range of small to medium sized businesses and nonprofit organizations. Our experienced accounting team also provides payroll processing services. We work with each of our clients to tailor their financial reports to provide them with useful tools to monitor operations and make financial decisions.

Audit Services

Our audit services are focused on nonprofit organizations and employee benefit plans, such as 401(k) plans. We are members of the American Institute of CPAs’ Nonprofit and Employee Benefit Plan quality centers to maintain our technical skills and keep abreast of the latest trends and best practices. These AICPA Centers require members to comply with certain continuing education requirements and provide technical support and specialized resources that benefit our clients.

Consulting Services

We are available to provide various services other than the above traditional “accountant” services. This includes assisting in the purchase or sale of a business, providing financial training to nonprofit executives and Board members, reviewing and development accounting policies and procedures, and other financial analysis and reporting needs that arise.

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